Aircleene's UV MODEL: A1K150 1000W 30-150sqm

Aircleene's UV MODEL: A1K150 1000W 30-150sqm

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UV C light kills cells by damaging their DNA. The light initiates a reaction between two molecules of thymine, one of the bases that make up DNA. thats why bacteria viruses and germs and other pathogens cant survive it that environment.
Great for big areas like shopping malls, hotels, churches, hospitals, schools, warehouses and large open spaces

Housing Materials:Stainless Steel

Wavelength: 12S Delayed start

Wattage: 100 watts

Timing Banding: 0-120 minutes

Dimensions: 100*20*120cm

Application Area: 30-150sqm

Life Span: 30,000 hours

Status: PRE-ORDER 30days process